Welcome Students


We hope you will all participate in the exciting events that are planned throughout the year! 


Fall 2023 Session: September 9 – December 22, 2022

Note: There is no class on Wednesday – Sunday of Thanksgiving week! 

  • All dancers who completed the online registration will be included in the class they selected unless otherwise notified.
  • Please complete the consent/emergency contact forms from our website -bring to the first class
  • Our Location: The McDade-Cara studio is conveniently located between Broomall and Frazer in Edgmont, PA. The studio is on Route 3 about 4 miles east of Rte. 352 and about 3 miles west of Rte. 252 – very near the intersection of Providence Road. Our address is 5050 West Chester Pike Edgemont, PA 19028 
  • Parents will drop off and pick up dancers outside the studio.
  • No dancer may enter early for class – doors will be unlocked by the teacher at the scheduled start time.
  • Dancers will wash their hands in one of the three bathrooms before entering their classroom.
  • Attendance will be taken at every class.
  • Dancers should bring a water bottle and their dance bag, no extra belongings.
  • No food will be permitted unless class is 2+ hours, back to back.
  • Email/Website/Google Classroom/Facebook Group Email is the primary medium for correspondence between teachers and Parents.
    • As a courtesy to the teachers and their families please refrain from making calls to home phone numbers and/or repeatedly texting personal cell phone numbers. We will be happy to schedule time to answer your questions but, it is simply an interruption to another dancer’s class time if we have discussions during the change of classes.
  • We check and reply to emails very quickly.
  • Our Google Classroom is an extra opportunity for our dancers to learn and practice at home. Dancers are encouraged to use this resource to view tutorials, dance steps, stretches, dance drills, warm-ups, and all of our other material.
  • Please be sure to join our McDade Cara Parent’s Page too. We often post important updates in this private FACEBOOK group.
  • Students must come properly outfitted for class— fitted shirt, shorts/skort that allow free movement, dance socks, and Shoes (a simple ballet slipper is appropriate for beginners), and hair pulled away from the face.–absolutely no bare feet.
    • No one will be permitted to dance in socks. Dancers who show up at class without their shoes, or who are not properly outfitted, will be asked to sit and observe the class. It is not possible to participate without proper attire. Dancing in socks is unsafe. Also, we cannot properly assess the timing, trebles, and other hard-shoe skills if dancers do not wear hard shoes in class (we cannot hear them in sneakers).
  • Students are expected to develop the physical skills associated with Irish dance: body control, coordination, good posture etc. In addition, students will be encouraged to improve their listening skills & attention spans, increase self-confidence, and perform to the best of their ability. Students should expect constructive criticism and feedback.
  • Students are expected to respect their teachers and their classmates at all times. Continuous disruption of class will not be tolerated, as it is unfair to the other students.
  • Injury to another or defacement of property will result in immediate and permanent dismissal. We have had no such incidence since we started teaching!
  • Students are expected to practice (with music) between sessions- so that class time can be spent mastering what has already been presented and learning new material.
  • Regular attendance at class is expected and is critical for those who wish to advance. Students are not permitted to leave the classroom without asking a teacher.
  • Please bring all water bottles into the studio at the beginning of class. Teachers need to account for all dancers’ whereabouts during class time— please do not leave the classroom without asking first.
  • Students wearing a cast of any type will not be permitted to dance but are encouraged to observe their class until the cast is removed PARENTS Parents will not be allowed to remain in the same room where lessons are being conducted.
  • Parents will not be allowed to take photographs during class. We need to respect and protect the privacy of our young children. On occasion, photos of the McDade-Cara dancers will appear in the local press (a snapshot from a nursing home show, parade, public appearance etc.). Your participation in such events will serve as consent for those photos to appear.
  • Parents please remind your child to use the bathroom before class starts. Students will, of course, be permitted to leave class to use the bathroom but it is helpful if parents remind children to use the bathroom before class begins.
  • Parents please check that your child’s shoes are tied securely before they enter the classroom.
  • Parents please encourage at-home practice. Dancers are provided with continuous feedback from their teachers. Use this feedback while practicing at home.
  • ATTENDANCE When a holiday falls on a scheduled class day no substitution class is issued. Attendance is taken at every class — teachers will have a record of missed classes. (The teaching staff really appreciates the efforts of Parents who keep track of their own child’s missed classes and “make-ups”). Please note that missed classes during the traditional school year (Sept.-May) can be made up at any class of the appropriate level. Classes do not need to be made up in the month missed but must be completed by the end of the session.
  • Tuition is due two times a year– Please visit www.mcdadecara.com , select the registration for the appropriate class.
  • Observation Days: Occasionally, parents and family members will be invited into the classroom for a short showcase where they can see their dancer and his/her classmates perform! These dates will be communicated directly from your child’s teacher as there will be different timelines for each class.
  • Parades: All students are encouraged to participate in the St.Patrick’s Day parades. The School has historically participated in the Springfield parade and the Philadelphia parade and expects to continue in that tradition. Students will be participating in various capacities. Parades are a great opportunity to share our talents and celebrate our heritage.
  • Shows: Dancers are also encouraged to volunteer for shows throughout the year– concentration of show performances occur in February and March. Sign-up sheets are posted on the website. We try to participate in a mix of community service events, paid performances, festivals and so forth. Monies raised from these “Dance Outs” are used to offset travel expenses to Major Championships, defray costume expenses, fund master workshops and so forth.
  • Annual Recital/Ceili: We hope to have a Christmas Show/recital again this year. Participation is not mandatory and there are no ticket sale requirements. It is a nice Sunday afternoon family event where our dancers get to show off their talents.
  • Competitions…. Competing is completely optional. We think you will find the webpage information about Irish dancing competition very useful. Please take time to review the sections related to the feis (pronounced fesh) experience. Eligibility and minimum requirements for entering a feis are also explained on the webpage. We are very proud to have trained some very accomplished solo dancers and teams who have been awarded prizes at the local, regional, national and international levels of competition. We are confident that we can train dancers to achieve their maximum potential.